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April 29, 2020
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Any exercise that makes you move is good exercise. Biking is one of my

favorite exercises and biking outdoors is a great way to connect with nature,

 burn calories, and work your lower body.  My morning motivation is starting my a day with an outdoor ride on the beach. I use this as well as my meditation also. It

 It is so peaceful. This is truly the way to have a meaningful day. I like to say, my exercise is “my high” of the day! This goes for all exercise but I write about what I enjoy most due to my life and benefits. Outdoor exercise has been linked to reducing stress and decreasing symptoms of anxiety. “Green exercise”, known as outdoor activities in natural surroundings can boost enjoyment and motivation. My knees never hurt no matter how many miles I pedal. It is easier on the joints than running. Since I have had left knee surgery and a left hip replacement, I pay special attention to not have another injury.  It is a great aerobic exercise for losing weight and increasing cardio endurance. It also promotes oxygen circulation and blood distribution throughout the body to where it is needed, thereby improving overall health. Start slow and gradually progress. I like to do it all year round, with this extra time we have had with COVID-19 I have had the time I did not have before to spend on the exercise I desire most. The stair master is my all-time favorite cardio, which I have not been able to do since the gyms are closed. I even tried to order one to my home and was told that it could not be delivered until May 1.  

 Biking is getting more popular every dayRiding a bike is good for your cognitive health and emotional well-being. People who bicycle for their health can often rattle off several good reasons: lowering blood pressure, improving cholesterol levels, managing their weight as I mentioned  and reducing their risk of developing heart disease and type 2

diabetes, to name a few. Biking is an exercise that you can do even at an older age and with your family and a group of friends. You can save money when you use it as a means of transportation. I strongly suggest that if you have not been exercising or making some time for yourself in this pandemic that you should ride a bike and see all the benefits it has for you.



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